40 Tayside Private, Unit B

Ottawa, ON, K2J 2T3


Tel: 613-878-3859


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Since 2014, LSL Inc. has assisted over 250 students fulfill their potential in schools and communities by teaching them the skills to become attentive listeners, helping them overcome their fear of public speaking, and giving them opportunities to develop their leadership skills - all done in a structured, supportive and safe environment.

Our Students

Our students come from schools across the city of Ottawa. LSL welcomes diversity and encourages equal participation from boys and girls.

Our Mission 

To build confidence in our youth so they can listen, speak and lead with passion and purpose.


Rattan Muradia is a Management Consultant and has been a Toastmaster for 10 years. He has lived in Ottawa for over 40 years. He strongly believes in the importance of teaching good communications skills at an early age.