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"I just wanted to say that your class I took a year ago truly helped me become a more confident communicator on so many levels. From presentations to even helping me choose what program to go into, I even volunteered myself to say a speech for my band teachers at our last concert this year - improvised on the spot! I hope I can join a public speaking class on the side in the future because of this amazing experience. Thank you for always having faith in me and although scary at first, for giving me that push to challenge myself because you knew I could achieve more. I remember those cue cards I relied my life on for the first class, and now they’re no longer a necessity!"

Grade 12 Student - Jan 2018


"I highly recommend this course for anyone with any skill level to participate. With this engaging program, I boosted my self confidence and made new friends. It is a great experience to learn how to improve your speaking skills and help you become a stronger speaker for any future presentations."

Grade 10 Student - Dec 2017 



"The Club has helped me with my confidence when speaking or performing in front of large crowds."

Grade 7 Student - Jan 2017


"The club has really helped me to develop my speaking skills. I am not a great speaker and am always nervous before doing a speech or presentation. But this speech club provided me a place to practice without the fear of failing (well, with less fear), and I feel comfortable practicing among my friends. At school, I am really delighted that my marks for doing presentations have gone up which I believe has a lot to do with this speech club. I am glad that I have joined this club and have already recommended this club to some of my friends who are also interested in joining.

Grade 11 Student - Nov 2016

"I was a very shy child. I was always scared of meeting new people and talking in front of large groups. After a few months of this club I have noticed that I am not only confident in front of a crowd, but I also somehow know what to say."

Grade 11 Student - Sep 2016